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Articles - Telemarketing - February 16, 2020

The Top 5 Strategic Contact Center Trends That Will Impact Customer Service in 2020

No matter what market your company operates in, there’s an incredibly high chance that it’s saturated with competition. In fact, it’s likely that your customer service is the key aspect of how your organization differentiates itself from competitors.

So, with 2020 here and a new decade full of challenges, goals and achievements, how do you plan to improve your customer service strategy and stand out from the other companies operating in your sector? Many companies, of all sizes, are struggling to create plans that will make this happen.

That’s why Advantage Communications is excited to share our latest resource with you, an in-depth look at the top five strategic trends that outsourced call centers are set to adopt over the coming year.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the technologies and customer service trends that your organization simply must be implementing in 2020 and the coming years:

1 – The customer journey will become experiential, not transactional
An increasing number of companies are offering largely similar products or services. That means it’s no longer the product you sell that makes your company stand out. Instead, it’s the journey that customers have with your company.

Customers value your company through the experience they have with you, from the first point of contact to every moment of communications after the sale. That’s why outsourced call centers are increasingly focusing on creating an experiential journey over a transactional one.

2 – AI will increasingly be used to enhance customer service agents
Do you hear artificial intelligence (AI) and panic? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Conversations around AI in the customer service industry often come with the worry that technology will soon replace customer service agents. This simply isn’t true.

In fact, contact center AI is being used as an augmentation to humans – not a replacement. Artificial intelligence technologies can be used to enhance customer service agents in their job, whether it’s by using chatbots to answer simple queries or live call guidance tools to give real-time feedback during calls.

3 – The gig economy will take hold

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