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Articles - DR TV Marketing - February 9, 2019

DRTV is Dead. Long Live DRTV.

As a direct marketer, I love all things digital. Digital is a direct marketer’s dream world, and a significant amount of our agency’s work is helping our clients find, win and keep customers in the digital domain.

I love search, a.k.a. the most cost-efficient marketing tool ever created! I love display and native ads, in-app ads, geo-targeting, remarketing and – oh my – how I adore a well-designed landing page!

But, the truth is, if you were to ask me right now what medium is the undisputed champion of effective direct marketing, I would have to say TV – specifically, DRTV. “What?! That’s ridiculous!” you say. “Everyone knows that TV and – by extension – DRTV is dead… right?” 


DRTV is not only alive and well; it has a long, bright future in front of it.
How do I know this? Simple. Because that’s what the data says, and as direct marketers, we always respect the data. We leave personal opinions, speculation and the ‘truth du jour’ to the brand advertisers, and focus solely on what works for our clients.

And, for many of our clients, DRTV works beautifully!

Here’s why.  read more

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