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  • Why Not All Digital is Direct Response

    Digital ad spend surpassed TV for the first time in 2016 and, with each passing year, more money will be funneled away from TV and into digital. As an agency, we’ve written at length about why digital is the perfect medium for direct response marketing, but as digital budgets become bigger and…

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  • 2018 Canadian Upfronts Key Takeaways

    Another season of Upfronts has come to an end. Canadian broadcasters made several high-profile announcements, from targeting advancements to rebrands and content acquisitions, but how much of it will be a game changer for DRTV? As we sought answers to this question at the 2018 Upfronts, below were our key…

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  • 10 Tips For Flawlessly Fantastic DRTV Production

    So, you’re exploring the world of direct response and you’ve been assigned the task of managing a new DRTV campaign for your company. Not sure where to start?  These top 10 DRTV production tips will guarantee you safe passage as you begin your production journey. 1. Build a team with experience. Direct…

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  • DRTV is Dead. Long Live DRTV.

    As a direct marketer, I love all things digital. Digital is a direct marketer’s dream world, and a significant amount of our agency’s work is helping our clients find, win and keep customers in the digital domain. I love search, a.k.a. the most cost-efficient marketing tool ever created! I love display and native…

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