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Articles - eCommerce - March 26, 2019

E-Commerce is Growing at an Unprecedented Rate All over the Globe

Why people are going crazy towards mobile usage? Have you ever thought what the actual case is? Actually, it’s all about the ease and comfort that people are facing by using mobile devices. The trend of SmartPhones increased since it gets mobile apps to run faster and smoother than desktop or laptops. We all are aware of the fact that how badly people are addicted to shopping. But when it comes to online shopping then the whole case becomes much more enjoyable and full of comfort zone.


Michael Aldrich is the man behind the online shopping site invention. He is the one who created first ever online shopping system in 1979. The system associated a customized domestic TV to a real-time computer stopping at telephone line.

E-Commerce is a huge platform which is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world. People from every age whether they are children, millennials, or old loves to shop from different e-stores. Online shopping provides more happiness as compared to physical shopping stores. The reason is simple as we have a lot of websites and apps focusing e-commerce, it has become simple to find anything on e-store that you want to buy immediately. In the coming years, it is expected that growth of e-commerce will increase like never before with all the current technologies. The rate of online shopping is increasing beyond measure rate and this is driving e-commerce owners crazy to keep their solid place in the online race.As per an authenticate survey retail e-commerce sales ratio from 2014 to 2020 will be hike around 200%. See below graph:

As per an authenticate survey retail e-commerce sales ratio from 2014 to 2020 will be hike around 200%. See below graph:


Being an online businessman, it is highly essential to be updated with all the current e-commerce trends. If you are aiming to make a strong online reputation of your business, it is a compulsory task to focus on website development as well as mobile app development based on your industry. Since the inception of e-commerce shopping sites, the way people do shopping has completely changed. No doubt that e-commerce industry is escalating at a rapid pace and will boom in the coming more years.

Basically, there are 6 types of e-commerce:

(1) B2B: Business-to-Business

(2) B2C: Business-to-Consumer

(3) C2C: Consumer-to-Consumer

(4) C2B: Consumer-to-Business

(5) B2A: Business-to-Administration

(6) C2A: Consumer-to-Administration

Let’s see some of the major trends which are driving e-commerce trends globally

1. Data-Driven Approach

Moving in a technology world, it is highly essential to keep an eye on statistical data. Knowing customers’ need, you will able to make required changes in your e-store. With the help of real-time devices, you can track consumer behavior and analytics which is present on the e-commerce site. It has been observed that a proper market analysis will always lead to huge profits and customer engagements. This will strategically drive business sales and will ultimately boost your online business globally.

2. Mobilized Shopping Strategy


With mobile devices, everything is going much flexible and simpler than ever imagined. Today, every individual uses mobile phones for operating different things simultaneously and instantly. In today’s era where technology is surprising every single day, it has become a vital task to match the user requirements. Whether you are a startup or an established entrepreneur, having a strong online presence of your business is a must thing. Of course, when it’s about shopping, people loves to shop from various e-stores. E-Payments are also becoming popular and flexible to buy products and face smooth delivery at your place.

3. Subscription-Based Selling is Rising

If you want to increase user interest on your e-store, try subscription-based selling process. This holds greater command on customer engagement as they are always in the search of some new offers or profits. On your e-commerce store, you can sell any product which is used by customers on a regular basis. This category includes food products, wines, and more such items. Providing subscription to consumers will face some excitement in the whole shopping experience. It’s a beneficial part for both customers and business owner to face profit from the subscription-based selling.

4.Vertical e-commerce to explode


Vertical e-commerce sectors will emerge in the upcoming years. E-Commerce is a huge sector and being an entrepreneur, you always have to think from users’ perspective. Vertical e-commerce companies are aspiring to match user requirement and bringing new offers and discounts. This industry is going to escalate more than the horizontal one as the chances of facing profits in vertical e-commerce are high. As they always think from users’ point and have specialization on one category or product that users love to buy. In the coming more years, you will see the drastic change of vertical e-commerce that will change the shopping scenarios.

5. Shopping Videos…

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