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Articles - Email Marketing - August 24, 2019

OPEN SESAME! Subject Lines That Work Like Magic

I HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU, but email marketing is a crowded space. By 2021, it’s estimated there will be 333 billion emails sent globally each day.

Think about that for a minute — 333 BILLION.

Further complicating matters is that email marketers have a real chance of alienating subscribers if they send them too much email. Six out of 10 people feel they receive too many promotion emails from brands, according to Adsentra.

It’s not all bad news for email marketers, however. According to data from MarketingSherpa, 91 percent of Americans actually WANT to receive promotional emails. The trick is to make the correspondence targeted, timely and relevant to the recipient.

The best way to cut through the clutter and gain subscribers’ attention is with a killer subject line. It’s the first introduction to your brand, your offer, your products, or your content. In fact, 35 percent of consumers say they open emails based on subject lines alone. Without attention-grabbing subject lines, your email strategy is dead on delivery. Want to see how the subtle art of email subject lines and call to actions (CTAs) should be done? Check out these recent examples that had us clicking away.

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