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Articles - Marketing Strategy - January 27, 2020

University John and Old Pro

A belated Happy New Year to you…

Just when you thought it was safe to check your messages,Andy pops in to your inbox with a new Copycat article.

Life isn’t fair sometimes, is it?

But, this Copycat is slightly different – it centres on one story.  A true story.  it happened last year.

However, as you will read, it’s not really different at all.  
It might be a new year – but in the burlesque absurdityof today’s marketing fairground, incompetence and naïveté are still very much the order of the day.
I know.  I’m not surprised either.


University John and Old Pro

By the way, don’t forget to visit my new personal websitewhich is full of interesting tales, yarns and stories – andcompletely devoid of any corporate claptrap, Facebookand Twitter inanity, or the growing LinkedIn abuse.
Because of who you are, I think you will have fun in there.  

Please let me know how you find it.  I am adding new stuff weekly, so please keep popping in.

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