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Articles - Social Media Marketing - March 14, 2020

Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

Last Updated: January 28, 2020

Whether it’s a brand promotion, video, news update or even a meme, visual content rules the social media landscape. What has become so important is effectively conveying your brand on social media through images and video.

In this quick-scroll world of social media, the visual face of your brand is often times the first thing your audience sees and possibly the one thing they remember. It’s hard to cut and paste an image and reuse it across all of your social networks unless you have a tool like Landscape.


Sprout Social’s very own tool is free to use to resize, crop and scale social media image sizes. And along with our resizing tool, we’ve provided all the specific dimensions and a few quick tips to help you decide which image best fits each position.

Before we get into it, here are some additional resources:

Easily manage multimedia content with Sprout

Sprout’s Asset Library simplifies publishing and asset management by providing you with a centralized location to store images, videos and text.

Quickly create, organize, edit and publish assets directly from the Asset Library to deliver on-brand, visually engaging posts for any connected social network.Our team frequently shares assets across Dropbox, email and a variety of other file sharing mediums. But the last thing you want to be doing during an event is hunting down and downloading a bunch of different assets to create a post. It’s brilliant to have everything in one place to pull from in the Asset Library. Nikki Symmons 
Digital Manager, International Hockey Federation

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Social Media Image Sizes Per Network

These links will make it easier for you to navigate to the specific social media image sizes per network:

Facebook Image Sizes

With 1.18 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network. One bad image choice could spell the difference in attracting and engaging with this huge user base and being completely ignored.

One thing to remember when choosing your photos is that there is a difference between how things will display on your personal timeline and how things will display in a user’s newsfeed. Make sure that you are choosing dimensions based on where you want the majority of viewers to see your image.

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