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The Best Social Media Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Know About

Social media analytics can save your business a lot of time and trouble. Using tools to analyze your social performance and your competitors will help you understand what your audience is interested in and how to better optimize your social accounts.

Having the best social media analytics tools will give you better insights into your strategy to boost ROI. We have searched and analyzed lots of social analytics tools to get the best of the best. Here’s what we came out with:

  1.   AgoraPulse
  2.   BrandMentions
  3.   Buzzsumo
  4.   Falcon.io
  5.   Google Analytics
  6.   Hootsuite
  7.   Meltwater
  8.   Minter.io
  9.   quintly
  10. Sprout Social
  11.  Socialbakers
  12.  Snaplytics
  13.  TweetReach
  14.  TapInfluence

You’ll find a collection of free and paid social media analytics tool, sort in alphabetical order.

1. AgoraPulse

In ancient Greece, agora was a public open space used for assemblies and markets. Therefore, according to its name, AgoraPulse should feel the pulse of the market, ascertain the general mood or opinion of the audience. The tool does that and even more. It monitors Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube for your brand and it provides social media management tools to help you track and respond to posts and comments quickly and easily, helping you maintain an active online presence. 

Agorapulse’s main purpose, as we can figure it out from their site is to make your social media management easier.


Best for Agencies, large teams, customer service, social media marketing.

Pricing: $89 – $459/month (billed annually).

2. BrandMentions

The name itself reveals some of the social media analysis actions BrandMentions can develop. The tool is designed to effectively monitor your brand on the Internet. It searches the whole internet for your keyword/brand to find relevant information and insights about your brand and where people talk about it.

You can easily get the tone of the conversation using sentiment analysis, find out who’s talking bad or good things everywhere on the web and social media. Get real-time notifications and see historical data, perform efficient social listening and reveal competitor’s marketing strategies all in BrandMentions.

Mentions for Huawei

Pricing: $49 – $299/month

3. Buzzsumo

Bear with me a bit longer while I’m doing some more etymology analysis on the name of this product. Buzz would refer to the continuous humming or murmuring sound, made by or similar to that made by an insect. Sumo is the Japanese form of heavyweight wrestling, the one with funny outfits in which a wrestler wins about by forcing his opponent outside a marked circle or by making him touch the ground with any part of his body except the soles of his feet. Therefore, BuzzSumo should sum up both “noise” monitoring + getting rid of competitors.

In the era of content marketing, it is essential to pay attention to content analysis, its trends, and the readers’ feedback. You can use BuzzSumo to generate ideas, create high-performing content, identify popular content and influencers and monitor your performance.


Pricing: $99 – $+499/month

4. Falcon.io

A falcon’s vision is legendary. A social media analytics tool should really help you “see” everything that is happening in your niche 24/7.  The Falcon app, the platform for every kind of social media marketer, as their site promotes,  helps you create paid and organic posts for all your social networks in one collaborative content calendar.

Its features include content marketing, customer engagement, audience management, content management. Basically, it allows marketers to deliver more personalized brand experiences based on enriched customer profiles.


Pricing: request a demo or start your free trial.

5. Google Analytics…

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