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What do scuba diving and direct marketing have in common? More than you might think, actually.

I’ve been a certified diver for over 25 years and it’s indeed a passion!  I’ve been in the direct marketing industry for even longer. 

I recognize, on the face of it, they’re unrelated. After a quarter century of doing both, I’ve come to realize that they actually do have a lot in common. 

Bear with me, and you’ll see what I mean.

In both activities, preparation is the key to success

In the case of diving, planning your dive is an integral part of your safety and diving pleasure. 

Depth, current and your rate of air consumption dictate your bottom and “off gassing” safety stop times.

In the case of marketing, analytics and segmentation identify your target audience. 

These insights inform your campaign strategies, creative and channel mix.

There’s no question that digital channels have revolutionized marketing

The challenges marketers face today, as the digital channels mature, is how to best break through the noise. 

Depending on what statistics you cite, the average consumer is exposed to over 3,000 advertising messages every day.  

An integrated omni-channel tactic helps each channel amplify and reinforce the others.

Combining the power of both many media delivers the results to realize your marketing aspirations.

Every organization has to hone their optimum channel mix: maximizing reach and conversions, best alignment with their audience and brand(s). 

As with everything, direct mail has evolved

Snail mail no more. Now mail can be highly personalized and mailed within hours of triggers. This adds timeliness to the list of features that make it similar to digital strategies.  

Echoing or mirroring winning digital strategies with personalized and triggered printed mail is proven to boost response. Seizing the moment with a printed mail piece amplifies existing digital strategies. That’s not your old school aqualung my friend, it’s a spanking-new rebreather with bluetooth.

Similarly, scuba diving has evolved since the days of Jacques Cousteau  and his trusty ship The Calypso

From dive computers, re-breathers, to digital LCD displays within the face masks, technology has revolutionized diving.

Over the years, I’ve been very fortunate to enjoy some incredible dives. Most notable: Great Barrier Reef, Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii and Canada.  

The underwater terrain, varying shapes and sizes of marine life, with their kaleidoscope of colours, immersed in a serene eco-system, with only the sound of your bubbles, is truly a Zen experience!

The “sweet spot”…

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