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Articles - MarTech - August 3, 2019

10 Disruptive Technology Companies To Watch In 2019

The modern world is full of individuals with innovative ideas about how to develop game-changing technologies for the future. With more efficient and cheaper solutions being offered for problems, the present methods are likely to become obsolete soon, leaving no room for companies that struggle to adapt to faster ways to survive in the market.

In 2019, the race for expanding the horizons of technological progress is faster than ever. This list showcases 10 companies that are using technology to make their mark on the fields of investment, employment, transportation, construction, and more. 

1. Roobee

Co-founded by Artem Popov, Roobee is a smart investment platform that guides potential investors in looking at products with a high threshold with the help of AI, which includes crypto projects, stocks, loans, new startups, real estate and others. The platform is blockchain based and as of now, the community has expanded to more than 300,000 potential users. After raising $1 million and closing its first IEO instantly in May 2019, Roobee has cumulatively raised $5.5 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum through private financing. As of now, Roobee’s test system has distributed $15 million worth of cryptocurrency in its business model, earned the recognition of more than 100 media outlets around the globe, and made itself available for closed testing. Through Roobee, digital brokerage, advisory, and asset management can all be found on one platform. 

2. NFQ Asia

NFQ is a business accelerator that helps companies scale to new heights through the provision of Top Tech Talents, which serves as the key to success for any establishment in this age of Industry 4.0 and Digitalization. It assists companies in the development of strategy, business, and products, coupled with state of the art Information Technology. NFQ also offers to grow the teams of their clients offshore which can later be insourced. In 2019 NFQ Asia was rated as the top tech company to work for in Vietnam based on reviews from 8000+ individuals in the field of IT. As of now, NFQ has over 20 years of experience in strategy and software development, a team of over 500 professionals, and continuous operations in Vietnam, Germany, Lithuania, and Singapore. They assist their scaling mechanism further by allocating funds (themselves or through their extensive network) to the products they see the potential of substantial growth in.

3. ILCoin

ILCoin is a unique data storage system that is based on a decentralized blockchain system. It is known for developing a 51% quantum proof system that saves it from obsoletion by quantum technologies in the future. It’s Command Chain Protocol (C2P) is often referred to as a defensive blockchain system. Compared to other cryptos in the market, it has offered a greater capacity of resisting malicious attempts to users, which explains how it’s market cap reached $13.94 million near the end of July 2019. Certified by Palo Alto Networks Partner, the ILCoin is an easily transferable currency from native, cloud-based wallets, and the off-chain storage it provides includes backing up videos, files, and images.  

4. ByCoi

ByCoi is opting to become a fully functional currency rather than just an ostentatious crypto-currency which is secured in a wallet and grows in value intangibly. ByCoi boasts an asset value of 120 billion coins with a fully registered company set up in the United Kingdom and also has its own EU licensed exchange platform through bcbexchange.com, making it a tradable commodity for other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat money. Dantir Dilela, the Irish entity which founded ByCoi, also owns OVID.ie, an e-commerce platform that will allow users to trade ByCoi as well as other cryptocurrencies and fiat. The platform already has a notable number of 3000 registered merchants, and being present on UK’s registry stabilizes the currency’s fluctuations and makes it a credible medium of exchange. 

5. The Parallel

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