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Articles - Search Marketing - March 23, 2019

LinkedIn taps Bing search data for interest targeting

Advertisers can reach audiences based on business-oriented content they've engaged with on Bing.

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is expanding its interest targeting capability with Bing search data.

Why you should care

Bing has started incorporating LinkedIn data for search ad targeting. Now, we’re seeing search data be used for targeting on LinkedIn for the first time since Microsoft acquired the B2B social network in 2016.

Advertisers will be able to target LinkedIn users based on the professional topics and content they engage with on Bing as well as the professional interests they’ve indicated on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn launched interest targeting in January, allowing advertisers to target users who have indicated professional interests. It launched with more than 200 topics, such as AI, customer experience and global economy. Interest targeting can be used together with account targeting.

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